Tel Aviv Ya’Habibi

We navigated the hilly terrain including stairs and cobble stone streets. We visited tons of interesting shops selling jewelry candles and Judaica. We met Avraham Lowenthal who is an American immigrant who settled in Tzfat and studies Karbala. He taught us the basics and showed us some of his Kabala inspired art. We ate lunch in Tzfat and enjoyed our time exploring the mystical city. Then we drove to Tel Aviv and visited the less than a year old birthright entrepreneurship center. Here we learned about all of the innovative creations that have led Israel to be known as the startup nation. We had an opportunity to play with demos and models of some Israeli technology and even heard directly from an Israeli entrepreneur whose revolutionizing the advertising industry. After that we enjoyed a concert from a famous Israeli musician, Roi Levi. He played some American songs that we sang along with as well as some of his original works.  Between his songs he spoke to us about the journey of the Jewish people and our connection to Israel. We ended the night by walking to a popular bar district in Tel Aviv! This was one time in particular that having Israelis with us came in handy. They helped us find the hot spots and get fair drink prices! L’chaim!

Arielle Ladue & Andrew Max

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