Tel Aviv Ya Chabibi Tel Aviv

As the trip is starting to come to an end, we learned how we could get back to Israel for some college credit! We began our day at Tel Aviv University where we met with some of the admissions counselors to hear about the different study abroad programs during the year or summer break, as well as different masters programs. We took a tour of the university and even got to meet with some current students. Discovering new opportunities in Israel gets us excited to come back! We drove a few minutes down the road to Shuk HaCarmel, the market in Tel Aviv. We got to explore and enjoy Israeli food while buying gifts for our loved ones. The bargaining tactics starting kicking in so you all better love the gifts!! Following the shuk, we walked over to Independence Hall. This historical building is where Israel was declared an independent state in 1948. We learned the story and history behind it and were happy it all happened so we could be in this great state! We’re excited for our last day adventures and to soon head home to our families.

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