Hello and thank you for your interest in shaping the future of your Hillel!

Below you will find the application for the 2018 Central Florida Hillel Student Executive Board. Never before has this Hillel offered as much agency or opportunity to a dedicated group of students. While we are sure you have several questions, we have taken the liberty of outlining a few we have anticipated below:

What is it? Great question! The Central Florida Hillel Student Executive Board will be a committee of dedicated student leaders whose responsibilities will cover all of Hillel’s programming and visioning for Jewish life at UCF.

Will we be paid? No. Instead we have outlined a list of non monetary incentives including: guaranteed acceptance to the professional Jewish conference of your choice (AIPAC, JFNA, JNF, AJC, etc…), invites to Orlando area galas and cocktail receptions, fob access to CFH, off site retreats twice a year, professional connections, personalized swag, professional development opportunities, and dinner at Aaron’s house (we promise Sharon, not Aaron, will cook).

How long is the term? The term will serve from January 1, 2018-December 31, 2018.

What is the role of staff? For the first board each board member will be assigned a coach to help and give advice on an as needed basis as determined by the board member. The assistant director will oversee the entire board.

Does this mean we are your boss? LOL

What is the difference between the student board and student interns? Student interns are hired to do specific tasks, student board members will oversee the visioning, strategy and implementation of the board’s goals.

We recognize that a student board structure as ambitious as this one cannot be successful without dedicated students. Thank you for taking this journey with us, and thank you for helping to shape the future of the UCF Jewish community, and the Jewish community around the world. 

Position Descriptions and Application

Requirements for all positions:

  • Attend weekly Executive Board meetings (final schedule established at the start of the semester);
  • Make a conscious effort to support Hillel activities: special emphasis on Shabbat Dinner, Hump Day Nosh, Birthright and support for major programs;
  • Approach Hillel work with an eye towards engagement, in support of building a dynamic, welcoming, and inclusive Jewish community at UCF;
  • Be supportive of Hillel programs and Hillel’s mission inside and outside the building;
  • Encourage leadership by empowering and planning programs with non-board members;
  • Plan impromptu events with other students and leaders;
  • Work 4 office hours at the welcome desk every week;
  • Create a calendar of events for each semester or before semester begins;
  • Attend student board retreat once a year;
  • Have fun 🙂


  • Preside at all meetings of the Hillel Executive Board;
  • Act as a liaison between Student Leadership, staff, and the University;
  • Serve on the Central Florida Hillel Board of Directors and attend meetings;
  • Serve as a public relations representative to local Jewish and community organizations, RSOs and publications;
  • Maintain communication with the Hillel staff through weekly meetings with Director of Engagement;
  • Hold board members accountable for their set expectations and goals;
  • At least one previous year of experience and involvement with leadership, demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities

Executive Vice President

  • Keep constant communication with all sections of student leadership;
  • Partner with outside organizations on community building efforts;
  • Reach out and keep communication with all Hillel affiliated groups and RSOs;
  • Reach out and keep communication with other RSOs on campus and be liaison for larger events or for initiating partnerships;
  • Maintain communication with the Hillel staff through weekly meetings with Director of Engagement;
  • At least one previous year of experience and involvement with Hillel Leadership, demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities.

VP of Shabbat

  • Attend weekly Executive Board meetings;
  • Recruit service leaders for every Shabbat;
  • Ensure Shabbat room is set up and tables are set;
  • Work with Director of Jewish Student Life to ensure each Shabbat has an appropriate dvar torah;
  • Provide opportunities for various and creative minyanim;
  • Coordinate partnership Shabbatot opportunities with campus RSOs;

VP of Engagement

  • Attend weekly Executive Board meetings;
  • Develop relationships inside Hillel with active students, and connect students to each other and to various programs;
  • Develop relationships with outside organizations (RSOs, departments, religious groups, etc.) and plan events with them to bridge communities;
  • Identify, reach out and proactively engage Jewish micro-communities (LGBT, FYSH, Residence halls, etc.);
  • Work with the Director of Engagement to contact and set up coffee talks with uninvolved students;
  • Brainstorm and develop curriculum for engagement strategies;

VP of Israel Affairs

  • Attend weekly Executive Board meetings;
  • Plan and oversee the implementation of Israel programming and education both inside and outside of Hillel;
  • Assist staff and student leaders in Birthright recruitment;
  • Help plan, support and facilitate recurring and stand-alone Israel programming;
  • Work with student leadership to infuse Israel education and culture into their events;
  • Engage students on campus who are interested in Israel and connect them to opportunities on or off campus;
  • Liaise between Central Florida Hillel and Knights for Israel, CUFI, KnightPAC and other pro-Israel campus organizations; 

VP of Marketing

  • Attend weekly Executive Board meetings;
  • Coordinate marketing strategy of Hillel Executive Board initiatives and programs;
  • Ensure that large scale events have designated photographers, recruiters and where appropriate reporters;
  • Create social media calendar;
  • Liaise between CFH and Hillel International to ensure appropriate exposure in the larger Jewish community;
  • Take notes at all Executive Board Meetings; and distribute to board and appropriate Hillel professionals;
  • Work with other Executive board members to ensure that programs and events are adequately marketed and promote;

VP of Social Events

  • Attend weekly Executive Board meetings;
  • Plans and executes three social Hillel events a semester – engaging the larger scale community;
  • Creates a welcoming an inclusive social experience;
  • Promotes interest, student involvement, and models leadership behavior at UCF Hillel;
  • Create events that reach out to members of the community such that the Hillel community grows and becomes more engaged;
  • Work with other Executive board members to ensure that programs and events are adequately marketed and promote;