Shabbat, Shalom – Hey!

You just don’t know how badly you need a day of rest like you do on Birthright. We are very thankful for Shabbat. We were able to sleep in late and take a day to relax in Jerusalem – including sun, socialization, and food. It’s so nice to take a break after so much travel! We started the day off with breakfast and lunch, eating all of the amazing Israeli food that we could. We were offered the opportunity to have our very own B’nei Mitzvahs in Israel and fifteen of our peers decided to take up this opportunity! It was a very special and emotional moment for those who have never been Bat or Bar mitzvahed, or who felt such a connection here they wanted to do it all over again. We are so proud of those who decided to have this occasion with bus 1520! As the sun began to set, we had a Havdallah ceremony, welcoming in the new week and saying goodbye to the previous week. These ceremonies are so special, especially in Israel. We quickly headed off to Ben Yehuda Street, where we watched the stores open up after being closed all of Shabbat and the streets flood with people who were ready to take on the evening! We ate delicious food, explored shops, and had an amazing time. We can’t wait to head to the desert tomorrow night!

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