Our Longest Day Yet!

Last night, we experienced a night in a Bedouin community. All of us shared one giant tent together, in the middle of the desert! It wasn’t the greatest nights sleep, but it was worth it for the morning camel ride. This was definitely one of the highlights of the day. We paired off into twos, found our lucky camel, and enjoyed the exhilarating ride.
We traveled further along the Negev (the desert) to find ourselves at Ben Gurion’s grave in Sde Boker. Ben Gurion was the first Prime Minister of Israel and a great visionary for the challenges that Israel would face in her first hundred years. He famously stressed the importance of Israel making the desert bloom and chose to be buried in the desert to attract people to a place where there is otherwise nothing, and to continue the conversation of the necessity for Israelis to utilize every square inch of land available.
After seeing the breathtaking views at Sde Boker, we made our way down to the most beautiful hike we have done on this trip: Ein Ovdat. We felt so small walking between the massive rocks and mountains that have formed at this site. We walked from the beginning of the trail to a sentence oasis in the middle of the desert, filled with a water fall and lake. From this point we began our hike up the mountain, climbing many flights of stairs and even a few ladders to get to the top! Weaving in and out of these amazing rocks was an incredible feeling, and being able to look at the bottom of the mountain once we finished was an accomplishment.
From here we drove all the way back to Jerusalem, where we will be finishing out our final days on our birthright trips together. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, learned about the program Masa, and had a civil, in depth discussion on different Jewish and Israel topics. It’s amazing what we have learned together on this experience and we’re looking forward to sharing all of our adventures back home!
Danielle McKinstry, Andrew Max, Aaron Weil & Wyatt Leach

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