(Milk &) Honey, We’re Home!

Today was a day that many of us had eagerly and maybe even romantically anticipated since before High School. We’ve finally touched down in Eretz Yisrael. For most of us this is our first time in Israel and it represents the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, if not responsibility, for us as Jewish adults. There was excitement in the air as we stepped off the plane and walked through Passport control. When we saw our Israelis singing and clapping to welcome us to their home, many of us felt like we had just arrived at our second home. This feeling was reinforced as we drove from the center of the country to our kibbutz in the North. Watching the sunset over the beautiful landscape was a gorgeous way to mark the end of an incredibly long day of travel that had already proven worthwhile.

Once we arrived at Kibbutz Afik we enjoyed dinner, played a few fun games, and went over some of the expectations for the trip. We can confidently say that we earned our rest today and are looking forward to tomorrow with open minds and open hearts. Until then, “Lila tov” (goodnight)!
Danielle McKinstry & Andrew Max

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