This day many of us have been waiting our whole lives to experience and see the breathtaking views of Jerusalem. We started our day with a traditional Israeli breakfast before driving south to the Holy City. Before we could stop and walk on the jerusalem stone streets we had the chance stop at a beautiful overview of this wonderful place. After observing the city from up above, we headed to have the experience for ourselves. We walked through the enormous Zion gate and officially entered the jewish quarter of the holy city. As we walked down towards the Western Wall we took in the culture and beauty of it all. While exploring the 3000 years of life and mystery we finally got to the Kotel. The Kotel is the remaining part of the second temple and the holiest part of jewish faith lies behind, the Temple Mount. We got to experience the site to see and the beautiful it beheld. After our time at the Kotel we headed to the City of David where we had a glimpse of the olden days of the bible through the end of the second temple. Once we finished up our spiritual day, we headed back to the hotel for a filling dinner and a good night’s rest. We prepared for our next day full of jewish history and memories of the past.

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