Where are you located?

In the hearts and minds of the Jewish students of Central Florida. Oh, you meant our offices – the Central Florida Hillel offices are located in the beautiful NorthView building on the north side of UCF behind the stadium. Our mailing address is 3925 Lockwood Blvd. Oviedo, Florida 32765

I’m Thinking Of Applying To UCF And Want To Visit

Great idea!  If you are considering coming to UCF it’s a good idea to visit campus and get a taste of what life is like here. In addition to getting an official UCF campus tour, Hillel can arrange for you to meet with students who can tell you more about Jewish life on campus. To set up a meeting with current Jewish UCF students, contact Erica Hruby, Assistant Director.

How Many Jewish Students Attend UCF?

It is conservatively estimated that 10% of the University of Central Florida student body is Jewish. This makes UCF home to the third largest, and fasted growing, Jewish collegiate population outside of the State of Israel.

(We know you are curious, the University of Florida has roughly 6,500 Jewish students and Rutgers University has roughly 6,300)

I’m Not So Religious. What Do You Have For Me?

While Central Florida Hillel is proud of its diverse Jewish religious programming, the majority of program offerings every week are non-religious.  Hundreds of students participate each week in Hillel’s broad array of other cultural, social, political, intellectual and athletic programs because they want to be a part of the Jewish community and what Hillel offers to campus.  And if what you are interested in isn’t already offered by our Hillel then we want to support your ideas and help you start a new group!

How Do I Join Hillel?

Central Florida Hillel has no formal membership.  Our Hillel isn’t an organization that students belong to – Hillel belongs to them. Anyone can attend Hillel’s programs. While there are no dues, there is a charge for some special events such as trips.

Is It Ok To Just Come For Dinner But Not Services?

Of course! You’re welcome to come to whichever part of our Shabbat most speaks to your wants and needs.

I’m Not Jewish But I Like What Hillel Does On Campus. Can I Come?

While some of Hillel’s programs are intended primarily for the Jewish community at UCF, most of what Hillel does serves the entire university community. Non-Jewish students get involved in Hillel groups for the same reasons that so many Jewish students do – they are fun, exciting, important and look good on your resume when you apply to graduate and professional schools. Many Jewish students bring their non-Jewish friends to a program or Friday night Shabbat dinner to be a part of what Hillel has to offer to the campus community. Several programs may be limited to Jewish students only based on the organizers parameters for involvement, such as Taglit-Birthright Israel.

My Professor Has Scheduled An Exam On A Jewish Holiday. What Do I Do?

The Provost’s Office of the University reminds the faculty every year of its policy regarding religious accommodation on campus.  It ensures that no student will have to violate his or her religious practices in order to take an exam and a reasonable alternative opportunity to make up work must be provided. Students are expected to inform their teachers of a conflict well in advance and faculty are expected to provide for a reasonable alternative unless they can demonstrate that doing so would interfere with the delivery of the course. Faculty members at UCF are generally very supportive and accommodating. However, should you encounter a problem with getting an exam rescheduled you should contact the University Ombudsman to seek a resolution – the Ombudsman can be very helpful. Please also contact Hillel so that we can also follow up on your behalf.

I’m Interested In Going To Israel. Can Hillel Help Me?

Yes. If you are a Jewish student between the ages of 18-32 and have not been on a peer Israel trip, you may be eligible for the free trip. Please contact Allison Bernstein for more information on Taglit-Birthright or other Israel travel opportunities that may be available to you.

Are your rooms available for rent?
Room Square Feet Capacity Half Day Full Day Evening
Large Ballroom 2,196 188 $703.00 $1,405.00 $1,546.00
Small Ballroom 672 57 $215.00 $430.00 $473.00
Combined Ballroom 2,868 245 $918.00 $1,836.00 $2,019.00
Reception Area 519 43 $163.00 $326.00 $359.00
Conference Room 480 43 $154.00 $307.00 $338.00
Educators Office 88 2 $28.00 $56.00 $62.00
Beit Midrash 513 43 $164.00 $328.00 $361.00
Dead Sea 279 23 $86.00 $173.00 $190.00