Exploring more than just the North!

And off we go again for day filled with adventure and exploration. Today we woke up to another wonderful and filling breakfast full of fresh fruit, eggs and israeli salad, packed up our bags, and headed down from the Kibbutz. We started our day exploring the National park of Tsipori. We saw old ruins of a city that was once filled with life, sang and danced in an amphitheater, and experienced an old temple that has been preserved since the 5th century. Oh, and it was finally warm outside!! Following this we were able to explore around the town Zichron Yaakov, a small street full of life. We ate delicious Israeli lunch and ice cream for dessert.

Following lunch, we had the chance to have a deep and meaningful conversation about the geopolitical relations in israel. We learned about the israel’s bordering neighborhoods with an expert in the field. The speaker Nathan Jaffe is a journalist reporting on everything happening in and around Israel, which was extremely important to hear about after the Events that recently happening with Iran. After our great conversation we headed to the BEACH! We embraced the sun and sand and had an amazing time running around the Mediterranean together. We played football, sun bathed, and had a chance to relax after some fast paced few days. Our group is getting so close, it’s weird to think we were just meeting a few days ago. After stuffing our faces for dinner, we wrapped up the evening discussing Jewish Identity and what’s important to us as Jewish individuals. Looking forward to our next stop – Jerusalem!

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