Did you know that Israel is not just a desert?

Wow. Today was such an eye opening day for what Israel really is. First off all, they were not kidding around when they said we would be moving all day every day! We woke up and ate an enormous breakfast filled with cereal, eggs, vegetables, and so much more. Once we were done, we were off to the bus which is starting to feel like our second home. We drove to the Banyas, which is one of the three water sources that form the Jordan river. Israel is not just a desert, there was green life and babbling brooks surrounding us. We visited the Tel Dan Nature Reserve to walk along the streams that have been a source of sustenance from Biblical times through today. Even though it was raining, a little rain couldn’t stop our parade! We went to an olive oil factory in the Golan Heights where we learned about the process of making olive oil, how it can be used for much more than just cooking, and even got to try out some! Our very own Joseph Ginsburg even taught us a few things about the history of olive oil alongside our tour guide. We then drove up a very steep mountain to Har (or mount) Bental, which overlooks the border between Israel and Syria. You could see for miles and miles on top of this mountain in any direction you looked. Here, we were able to explore an old army bunker at the top of the mountain and learn about the complex relationship between Israel and Syria. It was fascinating to hear the history about the Golan Heights and learn from some of the experts on the complicated ties between Israel and Syria. After heading down the mountain, we drove to an indoor recreation center where we were able to get a lot of energy out. We jumped on trampolines, played basketball, rock climbed, swam in a giant pool, and had a great time just spending the day together. After that we then headed back to the hotel to wrap up our day. Exhausted, we are heading to bed to get ready for another crazy day!

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