Day Two… Much Fun!

The cool brisk air welcomed us to our second day in Israel and after a delicious breakfast and with some Turkish coffee (a first for many of us) we were off to Baniass Springs. We arrived and heard the sound of flowing water and laughs as our first activity was trust building with delicious pop rocks chocolate!  Many muddy steps and bridges later, we took in the amazing view around us and got the chance to take some amazing photos of the waterfalls and streams! Our first hike was a huge success!

Our next stop today was Mount Bental, an old military outpost, where we viewed Israel’s neighbors Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Viewing the borders was an eye opening opportunity for many of us, as we were able to discuss some of Israel’s challenging history and her relationship with her neighbors. We climbed down many stairs into an old bunker built within the mountain, which was very cool. It was hard to imagine being in the military and having to run to safety into a dark maze of tunnels and rooms. When we climbed out we were able to see the stunning view of the surrounding countries.

Our last site of the day was Hamat Gader which is known for its sulfur hot springs. It was so refreshing to sink into the steaming baths although the odor from the sulfur was quite intense. We got to swim and relax before heading home to our last night on Kibbutz Afiq. It was the perfect final site for us after a long day of hiking and being outside.

We ended the day with a handful of getting to know you/group bonding games, which were a ton of fun. We were laughing so loudly it was disturbing the group on the floor above! None of us can wait for tomorrow, although this 7:30am breakfast could get old pretty fast!

Isaac Levi, Zander Wilson, Justin Shaw, Zach Grayson

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