Day 1 With Bus 108

Hard to believe that we started our day with breakfast at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale (thank you Jennifer Waldholtz!), had dinner in New York at JFK airport, then spent the night on a flight to Israel!

Our students, many of whom have never been on an international flight, seemed to take it all in stride as their unmitigated excitement outstripped any visible signs of exhaustion. Most of the students took the opportunity to sleep for hours on the flight and thus when we landed, were filled with excitement to get out of the airport and go out and explore Israel.

When we left customs and entered the greeting hall, we were met by singer my Israelis who would be joining our bus and our journey.  CFH is proud that we are one of the few birthright providers for Central Florida college students to provide this experience for not just four or even five days, but the entire ten day experience creating incredible peer to peer cultural exchanges and friendships that will last long after the trip ends.

After boarding the bus, we drove all the way north to Israel’s scenic Golan Heights to our accommodations at picturesque Kibbutz Afik. After a delicious authentic kibbutz dinner, we had some group bonding activities and then reviewed the itinerary for tomorrow.

Everyone was thrilled to hit the showers and get some rest for the big day ahead.

More to come tomorrow

Aaron and Wyatt.

Wyatt Leach & Aaron Weil

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