Birthright Bus 487 Day 2

After a long day of travel yesterday, we were all excited to start our first full day in Israel with a morning hike. We ate a light breakfast of eggs, vegetables, and various cheeses at the kibbutz before boarding the bus (our new 10-day home) bright and early. We drove over some bumpy and winding roads throughout the scenic and beautiful north of Israel. We arrived at Zavitan, a gorgeous and rocky trail, and we spent about an hour hiking before we reached two natural pools of water. We took some awesome pictures and drank in the scenery (and lots of water) before hiking back to the bus.
Lunch was a quick stop at a roadside plaza and our Israeli friends helped us to order some amazing food! From lunch we journeyed to Mount Bental, a former Syrian military bunker in the Golan Heights, where we discussed Israel’s history with Syria as well as the current humanitarian crisis in Syria. We were asked our opinions of whether or not Israel should intervene and the dialogue was fascinating.
We relaxed after the awesome discussion in Hamat Gader, natural hot springs. Once you got past the oder of sulfur, the springs were a great last activity of a very active day. When we returned to the hotel, we lit the menorah for the second day of Hanukkah and ate a great dinner!
Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!!
Birthright Bus 487

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