CFH in the News

June 2016 – More UCF Jews Journey to Israel on Birthright trips

May 2016 – New Hillel assistant director looks to the future

April 2016 – Central Florida Hillel honors philanthropist Alan Ginsburg

April 2016 – Hillel naming in honor of Ginsburgs

January 2016 – UCF Student Shining Light on the Middle East.

November 2015 – Hank Katzen central in building ‘the home team’ at Central Florida Hillel

September 2015 – The Ivies, the Big Ten, and Hillel’s Top 60

August 2015 – Jewish Students are Choosing UCF According to Hillel

July 2015 – Florida universities among the top schools Jewish undergraduates choose

May 2015 – A Serendipitous Florida Shiddach

March 2015 – Birthright Beckons UCF Students to Holy Land

March 2015 – UCF students endure ice and snow for AIPAC

February 2015 – UCF Hillel Gets Its First Taste of BirthFlight

January 2015 – Central Florida Hillel to Receive Torah Scroll on Permanent Loan from South Florida

December 2014 – Israeli Actor Presents Film at Central Florida Hillel

November 2014 – Central Florida Hillel Selected for Comprehensive Excellence Grant

August 2014 – Rosh HaShanah Greetings from Central Florida Hillel

January 2014 – Central Florida Hillel Visits Kiryat Motzkin

October 2013 – Meet the New Hillel Director

April 2013 – Central Florida Hillel Celebrates Yom HaAtzmaut (YouTube Video)

April 2013 – Central Florida Hillel Israel Independence Day Festival (YouTube Video)

March 2013 – Central Florida Hillel Selects Weil as New Executive Director

May 2013 – With Luxury Dorm Orlando Philanthropist Gives Central Florida Hillel an Evergreen Model of Funding

January 2013 – Central Florida Hillel Draws South Florida Students

November 2012 – UCF Stands with Israel 

May 2007 – Center Would Nurture Students’ Spiritual Needs