A long plane ride later, AND WE MADE IT!

It feels like just yesterday we were saying goodbye to our families in Miami to hop on a plane to Israel, oh wait, that’s because we were! We’re so ecstatic to say that we have finally made it to the Holy Land, the beautiful state of Israel. The moment we stepped off our plane, our Israeli peers joined our family and we’re loving getting to know these seven wonderful people. They even brought us falafel and pita so we could get to know Israeli food immediately. While most of our time has been spent on either a plane or a bus, just being able to look out the windows and pass through country on our way up to the North was incredible. We have gone through our expectations of the trip, an outline of where we are actually going, and what we’re most looking forward to, and we cannot wait to kick start our time exploring the country tomorrow. That’s all for now from bus 1520, but get ready to hear about our amazing adventures for the next ten days!

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