a KNIGHT under the stars

WOW, did we need that day to refresh and recharge our body and minds. Today we woke up ready for another amazing experience. We enjoyed a large tasty breakfast before heading to our first activity of the day. We started at Mount Herzl to hear the stories of the leaders who dreamt of building the State of Israel and the young people who died fighting for the country. It was an emotional experience but we were happy to be surrounded by the wonderful peers on our trip. After the moving stories we heard through this morning we ascended towards the Judean Desert. In the desert we got the chance to do a diversity program with Lakiya Rikmat Hamidbar, to meet bedouin woman. We learned about their lives and bedouin society. Rikmat Hamidbar helps provide employment for the bedouin woman as part of an organization to advance the status of woman in the city of Lakiya. We then drove to Nokdim to have a traditional bedouin experience. That night we got the chance to stay in one giant tent  and sing around a bonfire all night long. We got to exploring the night sky and actually got the chance to see the stars with no lights. We had such a blast today and can wait to push ourselves to new heights tomorrow.

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