1 Tiny Country, 3 Amazing Worlds

It’s fair to say that day 3 of Birthright has probably been the best so far. We woke up early to finish packing our bags before saying “goodbye” to our kibbutz home. We were sad to leave but our eagerness to see Tel Aviv quickly overtook our emotions. Most of us totally forgot that we had stop before Tel Aviv, the holy city of Tzfat.

On our ride into Tzfat we were excited to see our first uniquely Jewish aspect of Israel and it did not disappoint. We got off the bus and immediately recognized the spiritual energy. There were modestly dressed women and traditionally dressed  (black slacks with a white shirt) men walked past us in droves. We stopped outside a synagogue with hundreds of years of history and learned about Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism. After we learned the basics we toured a few synagogues and were able to recognize many of the symbols. It’s safe to say that each of us left Tzfat with a brand new appreciation for Judaism and it’s connection to Israel.
Our next stop was the much anticipated Shuk HaCarmel, Tel Aviv’s major outdoor market. We had time to eat deliciously fresh food and do some shopping. We walked from the shuk (market) to one of Tel Aviv’s world renowned beaches where we spent a few hours playing volleyball, swimming in the Medditeranian Sea, and laying out in the sun.
We went from the beach to one of Israel’s most historical places, Independence Hall, where we learned all about how Israel became the country it is today. We are so fortunate to be able to learn about this where it actually happened.
Following Independence Hall, we traveled to our hotel for the night where we ate a delicious dinner and got ready for our night out! The night started with a performance by Shorashim’s own Udi Krauss where we sang along with another group and learned about Israeli music. After jamming out, we went out for a night in Tel Aviv where we saw the night culture this beautiful city has to offer.
It was a long, but definitely a great one! Looking forward to our Shabbat experience in Jerusalem tomorrow!!
Andrew Max & Danielle McKinstry

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